On the Bessarabian market in Kiev pay bitcoins for goods

The Beatles are better than public money, they are more profitable for ordinary Ukrainians, bitcoins own their own, they are accepted all over the world. The number of entrepreneurs who decide to take bitcoins as payment for goods and services is constantly increasing. Now and in Ukraine you can buy ordinary goods, vegetables, fruits, and more, for bitcoins.

In Kiev on the Bessarabian market, vegetables and fruits can be bought for bitcoins. Bitkins for the goods will be taken at several retail outlets in the market.

Paytomat payment service is used as a platform for reception of crypto-currency. Paytomat company develops software for receiving crypto-goods, including using POS-terminals. The system takes 0.2% for each transaction. As noted by Andrey Veliky, Paytomat Business Development Director, it will be possible to pay for goods at three retail outlets on the market. You can pay not only Bitcoins but also several other cryptic currencies, such as XEM, LTC, DASH, WAVES, ETH, BCH, NANO, ZEN, DCR, XZC, Dimecoin, SmartCash, BTG and EOS.

According to Andrew, if this experiment turns out to be successful, then this method of payment will also be introduced in other markets.

A similar payment service is essentially an exchanger. The seller may receive a payment in hryvnia with an instant exchange for the rate established in the system. Similar payment services are a kind of bridge between financial money and cryptographic currencies, and also they solve the “problem” of volatility of crypto-currency. Entrepreneurs who are afraid of crippling volatility can safely use such a service.

The well-known similar service is the Australian company TravelbyBit.

Recall that taking bitcoin as payment for goods and services can anyone on their own. It’s very easy. Be sure to install the purse purse on your device and get familiar with it Instruction: Accepting payment in bitcoins.

Will you go to the Bessarabian market to check this information? If so, do not forget to take a photo and take a video of how you buy a product for bitcoin in Ukraine. And leave your impressions in the comments.

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